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G'day dickheads!

It's been harder than a choir boy in a porn shop, but I'm finally ready to launch my new juice line, Bogan Brews. I've spent many months tinkering away in the shed perfecting these brewskies and I reckon you lot will be fucken stoked. You could call it a premium juice line but we all know that's a bunch of promo waffle, so I'd just call them a fair dinkum bloody good vape. Have a Captain Cook at em below, grab yourself a handful of bottles, and don't forget to sub-ohm ya dick off!

Coorong Cola

Cola, bloody cola! A hard candy cola vape with a refreshing fizzy finish. The perfect vape for those long lines at Centrelink.

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Fair Dinkum

A few apples, bit of peach and just a few berries combine for a bonza vape that goes down easier than a cold beer in summer.

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You all know the rules, over the fence and you're outta here. Lush lychees at the stumps and blackcurrants in the out field.

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Brewskie Holder

Any red-blooded Aussie vaper knows that the only thing worse than a dry hit is a warm beer, so here's a stubby holder for ya.

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